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Dog Winter Fleece Sweater - Plush Sleeveless Vest Jackets For Small Dogs

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Dogs get cold just like humans and many breeds aren't equipped for even chilly conditions, but since they can't tell you when they're freezing its up to you to get them a nice cozy sweater from our store! You wouldn't let your sweet little buddy freeze and get sick right? Well you're in the right place, because it can be affordable AND adorable while protecting your precious pupper.

*The hardest part about getting clothes for your dog is the size. We do offer free exchanges so if things don't work out, just let us know! Make sure to check the size chart and you shouldn't have a problem, but every dog is different! One thing they all have in common, all dogs are absolutely so adorable wearing our dog sweaters and sweatshirts, and they'll be well protected from the cold and happy everywhere they go. They might not be able to talk (well some do...) but we promise those woofs are saying "thank you for keeping me warm!"

ROUGH guide for size below, we recommend checking the measurements since dogs can vary a lot in shape!

XS - 1 to 2l bs

S - 2 to 4.5 lbs

M - 4.5 to 6.5 lbs

L - 6.5 to 9 lbs

XL - 9 to 11 lbs

XXL - 11 to 15.5 lbs


Free Shipping! Your dog can't order it for themselves, they're counting on you!