Protective Face Mask for Airborne Contaminants/Dust/Biking N99 Sport Face Mask With Filter Activated Carbon

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Need the latest in Nano tech face mask technology? Filters out 99% of contaminants in air that passes through the filter.

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Viruses and bacteria in the air remind us that we can never take the air we breathe for granted. While face masks are no guarantee against infection, blocking viruses and bacteria that are airborn with a mask (especially with an activated carbon filter like this mask has) will help keep you protected and safe from whatever happens to be floating around out there. Even if you are not at risk for infection from a virus or bacteria, the mask is always a great way to protect against a multitude of other harmful airborne problems. Even something as simple as allergens in the air, or dust while vacuuming, can cause issues for most people. This mask will block those out and protect you from any side effects. It's also great to have on hand during flu and cold season.Taking care of a sick person? Or you're sick and don't want to get your family sick? Perfect time to have one of these masks on hand in the cupboard, you're loved ones will thank you!

PM2.5 filter, helps clean the air you breathe, is anti-fog and haze, anti-pollution, anti-vehicle exhaust, dust, secondhand smoke, pollen allergies, etc.


*Plastic nose piece effectively increases the breathing space around the nose so that breathing is more comfortable. Nose is adjustable according to each person so that the sealing effect is better.

*Adjustable elastic buckle provides more comfort and better sealing protection.

*U-shaped design increases the mouth and jaw comfort and sealing and does not affect speech

*5 layer PM2.5 filter can be replaced as necessary (can choose version that comes with 3 pieces of PM2.5 Filter paper or order extra filters separately)

*Fine denier polypropylene fabric, with soft, warm, good moisture permeability and wicking effect, so that exhaling is absorbed by the outer layer of cotton, keeping the face dry and comfortable, while helping protect others as well as yourself. This makes the mask helpful for those who are sick or may be sick and wish to limit exposure of their loved ones and friends.


1. Carbon filter can not be cleaned, we recommend replacement once a week if wearing the mask daily. 4 filters are included, 2 are used at a time. If wearing less often or infrequently, they will last MUCH longer, so it depends on your level of use.

2. If the filter oil on the film has become sticky or stained, please replace the filter

3. We do not recommend sleeping with the mask on

4. Children under the age of two should not use this mask

Cleaning method for the mask:

Use neutral detergent with diluted water, remove the filter before putting the mask into the water, and use your hand to gently rub the mask clean. Dry in the air but not in directly sunlight if possible.  Do not soak too long in the washing liquid or water, and avoid the use of bleach which can damage the mask. It is best to clean it every 2 weeks or 1 week if using frequently.

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