FitK Airbuds Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds With Charging Box For Smartphones

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Bluetooth 5.0 wireless earbuds with built in charger, one key operation, bass balance technology and more. Compatible with Android, Apple, Samsung, Windows phones, tablets, media players and laptops. Tired of being tethered to your headphones or earbuds? Hate having them catch on something or having a long cable that has to connect just right in your pocket? What about when you want to make a call or even just change the volume, and you have to dig in your pocket for your phone first?  Those days are gone - now you can have top of the line crystal clear quality bluetooth wireless earbuds without any compromises. Compact, sleek design with one touch button on each earbud to allow volume and power control, answer/redial, play and pause for media.  No need to carry an extra charger, the compact carrying case doubles as the charger so they're always ready when you are.  

*If you have a smart device with bluetooth, this will be fully compatible. Simplify your life and release yourself from wires. 

Welcome to the future.


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