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Fitness Knee Support Brace - Compression Knee Pad Sleeve for Running Cycling and Weight Training

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Perfect for supporting your knees during all kinds of activities, from running and cycling to weight training and powerlifting. Repetitive stress injuries to the knee are common with all sorts of activities and especially in sports, even if you have no issues now it's always best to protect your knee joints so they don't develop issues in the future. Compression Knee braces offer the support that you need when bending your legs, protecting knees joints from the stress that causes painful issues. If you need to protect your knees, no reason it has to look boring! We have multiple styles to help you look your best!




  • Material: Nylon, Latex Silk, Spandex, Silicone
  • Color: Black/Red/Light Green/Orange/Sky Blue
  • Size: S/M/L/XL/XXL/3XL
  • Silicone Anti Slip bar helps keep it in place and eliminate irritating friction against your leg
  • Breathable weave that stays comfortable without causing you to sweat

          S-- Top width 15cm, down width 13cm, length 27cm 

         Recommended leg  circumference 30-34 cm, Suit for weight: 35-40KG


         M-- Top width 16cm, down width 14cm, length 27cm 

         Recommended leg  circumference 35-41 cm, Suit for weight: 40-60KG


         L-- Top width 17cm, down width 15cm, length 27cm 

         Recommended leg  circumference 42-47 cm, Suit for weight: 60-75KG


         XL-- Top width 18cm, down width 16cm, length 27cm 

         Recommended leg  circumference 48-55 cm, Suit for weight: 75-95KG


         XXL-- Top width 18.5cm, down width 16.5cm, length 29cm 

         Recommended leg  circumference 56-63 cm, Suit for weight: 95-110KG


         3XL-- Top width 19.5cm, down width 17.5cm, length 29cm 

         Recommended leg  circumference 63-70 cm, Suit for weight: 110-125KG