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  • Miskatonic University Cthulhu Mythos Short Sleeve Tee Shirt - FitKing
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Miskatonic University Cthulhu Mythos Short Sleeve Tee Shirt

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Do you worship the Great Old Ones by shouting IA IA at public functions?  Do you long to dance at the center of ultimate chaos, but you don't have enough tentacles to fit in?  Did your last trip to the ocean involve 14 hours of deep sea charts and an awkward attempt to find R'yleh with your ebook of the Necronomicon?  People like us need to stick together, and these shirts help us recognize each other in public, so we can silently nod as we pass by on our way to the next cult meeting.  Be sure to check the rest of our Lovecraftian collection, we've got everything from Cthulhu shirts to Elder Sign necklaces and Shoggoth sculptures!

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