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Weighted Sensory Compression Vest for Autism and Hyperactivity, Deep Pressure Vest for Kids with Mood Processing Disorders

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Product Details:

Deep Pressure Vest

Soothing, Supportive Compression

Breathable, Flexible

Under or Over-Clothing Wear

Adjustable Hook-and-Loop Closures

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Deep Pressure Sensory Support – This compression vest for autism and sensory processing disorders creates a warm, supportive hug for children who struggle with focus, stress, or anxiety.

Soothing, Comforting Compression – The therapeutic pressure applied to the body is designed to help you stay more engaged and focused when things seem overwhelming or emotions run high. Weighted hoodies are common for this purpose, but they are really just hoodies with a weighted vest like this one sewn inside and the price marked up to 4 times the cost of buying them separately. Buying a weighted vest alone means all your clothes can now go over it without attracting attention and anything you already own can be used as a comfort/sensory/weighted hoodie over the top. It also eliminates the fit issues that come from having weights sewn on the inside of a hoodie which cause it to bunch up in unusual places and be uncomfortable.

Hook-and-Loop Adjustability – Designed to fit your torso comfortably, the smart design lets you adjust the fit to give you smooth, even pressure across the shoulders, chest, and stomach for a full upper-body hug.

Breathable, Flexible – Each compress vest provides the perfect balance of weight and comfort to make it easier to wear over or under clothing without limiting mobility, balance, or regular movement.

The perfect compression vest for kids, we offer 2 sizes (Small: 14inch * 24 inch, Medium:17inch*30inch); Please choose the best size for your children, you can refer to the pictures for help with measurements.